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Welcome to Road Cycle Tips, a place to browse on all things cycling, be it tips on riding, on bike gear, on safety or just things of interest to everyday cyclists. I will be adding content on a regular basis so check back often. Road cycling is a fast growing sport worldwide, helped by America and other nations doing well in cycling’s grand tours such as the Tour de France and Giro Italia. Newer events such as the Tour Down Under (Australia) and Tour of California have bought a new and large audience to this fantastic sport. Also TV courage has gone global, bringing the color and splendor right into our living rooms.

Add in the fun and health benefits to be had from cycling and it’s easy to see why more and more men, women and children are throwing their legs over the saddle and hitting the road.

In virtually all cities around the world, more and more cycling bunches can be seen out on the weekends, riding their favorite loop and always finishing with a coffee at their favorite cafe or coffee shop.

Unfortunately this has caused friction between cyclists and car drivers as we all compete for space on the road, far sighted authorities are now including cycle lanes in new roading developments, as they see the advantages of cycling in our cities.

They say it’s the “new golf” where business deals are done over a post ride coffee, as more corporate high fliers join the ranks of everyday cyclists. Yet you don’t need to be on a six figure salary to get into cycling, though some would say it helps when high end bikes go for upwards of $15,000. However good ¬†bikes can be purchased for far less, and online auction sites like ebay have thousands of ¬†second hand bikes for sale.

But if its bling you’re into, then cycling has it in spades. From carbon wheels to GPS cycle computers which record every possible detail of your performance and ride, downloadable of course to your PC, where you can compare this ride to previous ones. A techies dream. And how about a handlebar mounted camera to record your ride.

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  1. I live in Derbyshire which is in the UK. I can confirm that in my area Road Cycling has really taken off. I think that the biggest challenge is that there is not enough space on UK roads for the traffic. I would like to see more cycle lanes on UK roads.

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